Patrick Higgins

list of works

Hyperborea - for string ensemble and live electronics, premiered Nov 2017 with Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (2017)
Social Death Mixtape - collected chamber works (Aug 2015)- NNA Tapes

SKYCLAD - long form guitar composition for 4-channel guitar, laptop, pedals, and MIDI trigger

You Will Be Broadcast - surround sound guitar, immersive video projection (PRAVA Fest, Feb 2015)

Xe - Zs (Jan 2015)

They Sing The Police in Two Voices, op.13 - violin+cello duet (coming 2016)

Empty Set, op.12 - piano and chamber orchestra (coming 2016)

TOCSIN, op.11 - prepared piano, two cellos - for Vicky Chow (coming 2016)

SQ3, op.10 - for string quartet (premiered April 2015) - Mivos Quartet

Nomadic Performance - symphonic series presented by Nuit Blanche NY (no.1 premiered Sep 2014)

Gabriel - original score to the feature film, dir. Lou Howe (Tribeca Film Fest 2014)

Curves, Lines, Points - collaged works for solo violin and laptop (2014)

Aletheia - from SQ3, op.10 - string quartet (2013)

Grain - ZS (2012-13)

Corps - concert-length work scored and arranged for Mantra Percussion and Zs (2013)

wind tunnel (2012) - violin and laptop

Contrapunctus XIX - JS Bach, arranged and transcribed for string quartet

bachanalia (2010-12) - original transcriptions/recording of J.S. Bach for guitar and stereo electronics

STEREO (2012) - electric guitar and quadrophonic electronics (Nov.2012 on Words+Dreams Records)

four little etudes (2012) - solo piano

variations for small orchestra, op.9 - "invariance" (2012) - chamber orchestra

glacia, op.8 (2012) - electro-acoustic string manipulation

string quartet no.2, op.7 (2011) - premiered by the Mivos Quartet (Jan.2012)

harpsichord concerto, op.6 (2011) - harpsichord, chamber orchestra, percussion

(miserable, miracle) (2011) - music for two guitars

red desert, op.5 (2011) - stereo guitars, cello, percussion

ten variations on a theme from schubert (2011) - solo piano

alban berg: piano sonata (2011) - arranged for string quartet

piano suite no.1, op.4 (2010) - player piano

elegy for violoncello (2010) - solo cello

string quartet no.1, op.3 (2010)

three works for ... (2010) - laptop, electronics, synth piano

inventions, op.2 (2010) - solo piano

sonata, op.1 (2010) - piano quintet

a desiring-machine: ur collage for voice and guitar (2009) - laptop, acoustic guitar, human voice

monkey mountain (2007) - CD/LP on ELE Records

animal (2004-2011) - "LP", "Horror Orr", "Live on KFJC", "Murmurs", + Video

audio samples

wind tunnel - duo for violin and laptop
 featuring Joshua Modney (violin)

string quartet no.2, op.7
 III. Envelopment

 IV. Deviation

curves, points, lines - violins


glacia - string remixes, op.8
 IV. Melting

 V. Monolith

Improvisation - guitar and string quartet
 Live at ESS Chicago, April 2015, Higgins ft. Mivos Quartet

bachanalia - electro-acoustic guitar
 Aria, Goldberg Variations, JS Bach

aletheia - SQ3, op.10
 Mivos Quartet - live at Oberlin

encomium - SQ3, op.10
 Mivos Quartet - live at ESS, Chicago

pattern select - harpsichord, piano, synth

stereo - pointillist

(miserable, miracle) - music for two guitars

piano suite no.1, op.4
 sonatina no.1

 canon no.1

 sonatina no.3

three works for ... - no.1

a desiring-machine: ur collage for voice and guitar

EVRLY MVSIC - Higgins/Modney

now available: Double LP \\// CD \\// Download

Zs "Xe"

"Social Death Mixtape" - Higgins

"Bachanalia" - Higgins

Zs "Grain"

"STEREO" - quadraphonic tape

"Monkey Mountain" - Higgins 2007

score samples

SQ3, op.10 - Aletheia (excerpt)

Tocsin, op.11 - 01 (excerpt)

string quartet no.2, op.7 - movement III
string quartet no.2, op.7 - movement IV

harpsichord concerto, op.6 - movement II